Mold, not only does mold smell bad, but it really can be bad for your health and in many cases degrade the finish of your boat costing you dearly when it’s time to sell it or trade it in.

As many boat owners will attest to, it is a chore to keep mold from growing on the inside and certainly on the outside of any boat, especially a vessel equipped with a cuddy cabin. Boats with Cuddy Cabins are fun and useful. Usually a small area, cuddy cabins provide shelter from the brutal sun as well as the occasional storm… a place to eat and a comfortable place to sleep. As with everything else though, every positive brings with it, some negatives. One of the maintenance challenges is keeping the inside of the cuddy cabin dry, and it is virtually impossible. The always moist interior makes it a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This is something that needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand.

Boats are still one of the best ways to get away from and truly relax and enjoy yourself, so don’t let mold infestation take that away from you.It’s not possible for mold to colonize without moisture. Adequate ventilation to all of your cabins is always a good idea, if there are leaks causing water to stand more than usual, fix them. With wooden vessels, Poria Incrassata and Merulis Lacrymans (also known as dry rot), are fungal spores that coexist with microbic fungi, together, they lie dormant waiting for the right conditions to grow, and grow they do, on every surface of your vessel.
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Residential mold removal

If there are large areas ( 4sq. ft. or more) of apparent and visible mold paired with a musty odor, action should be taken immediately to prevent further spread of this microbic infestation.  In addition to Mold, Mildew is the even more common problem on boats. Over the counter mildew removers are expensive and offer limited and more temporary performance. The DePhyze treatment administered by USmoldMARINE is the most effective combatant of Mold and Mildew available. Used by the Government and Medical facilities worldwide, this environmentally conscious product is definitely the answer to a clean, mold and odor free boat, no chlorine… just clean.

A Little About Viruses and Bacteria OnBoard…
We don’t want to prey on your fear, but rather make you aware of a few compromising health situations that are unfortunately prevalent in the yacht and cruise industries. The “Norwalk Virus” is transferred by surface to hand contact in confined environments. “Staph Bacteria” is also a problem aboard ship. These health threats are very difficult to contain. It is recommended to keep surfaces clean and perhaps most important, wash your hands frequently, keeping in mind to see a Doctor immediately should anyone on board become symptomatic. Although not represented as a solution to these health threats, it is a welcome bonus that USmoldMARINE’s mold remediation and odor control treatments will at very least help to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.


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