As luxurious as they may be, Yachts all share the malaise of stale air. One can usually notice this as soon as you step onboard.

Regardless of size, a Yacht is a confined area with a wide variety of odors being generated by the different functions of the vessel. When taking into account the build up of odors from Diesel Fuel, the Bilge, the Holding Tank, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds like cleaning formulas, plastics, furniture and carpet) coupled with the static air situation aboard a confined space, it is no wonder that odor that boats and yachts posses that singular and identifiable “trademark” smell.

Many make the effort to mask the smell with deodorants, but there is only one answer; The odor must be eradicated… No smell, not perfumed smell, that is the USmoldMARINE solution.

NonScents you say? Exactly!

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