People Say very nice things when they’ve been treated well.

My first experience with Mike Fadell and USmold came through a real estate agency in July of 2005. My husband and I were considering an investment property but it was unclear whether or not Mold had started to grow in an area of previous water repair. Mr. Fadell was refreshingly honest and stated, after testing, that there was no Mold so no further treatment was needed. This told us about his integrity and honesty. When hurricane "Wilma" struck, water stood at a stand still in my in-laws condo in Palm Beach. By the time we arrived, Mold was evident on furniture and walls. Walls, platforms, furniture, mirrors and built-ins were all ruined. USmold thoroughly tested everything and saved as much as possible. I can't tell you how fast and neatly they worked. It was truly incredible.

Everyone from the re-construction contractor to the building manager commented on how they had never seen such a complete and perfectly executed removal of Mold. We could not have accomplished any of this in the timely manner in which we did had it not been for Mike and his team. We thank you again.
- Lorraine and Jeff K.
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I must tell you that as an owner of a condo in Florida, with a primary residence in another state I was extremely apprehensive to choose a remediation company. Phone call after phone call I made to other companies claiming to do "clean ups" of this nature, no one had any definitive answers. One “highly recommended” company spoke to me in an "annoyed tone" when I asked them to describe the process of the remediation, after all, this sort of job can cost a lot of money. So I kept searching, and came across the USmold Website. Between their product knowledge, the company's association with O.S.H.A. and speaking with Mike Fadell, the owner of the company, who was patient, informative, and Professional. I decided to use USmold. Service was Prompt and Professional, and the price was reasonable. Most importantly, upon job completion, my affected condominium no longer has any Mold, fungus or odor! I am sure glad I that I found USmold.
- Lauryn P.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude on the service I recently experienced from your company. The professional and reliable service I received was above and beyond what I expected to experience through this unpleasant circumstance. The comfort and honesty that was given to me by your company made me feel more at ease with my situation. Due to the application of the Modec 500 antimicrobial agent that was used, I was able to save most all of the belongings in my home, including my mattress, shoes, clothes, and all my personal effects (some of which could not have been replaced). In short I would like to extend my most sincere gratitude to the warm and helpful staff at USmold.
- Carri H.

We want to thank you for taking care of our Mold problem. I have been so very worried about the children and I am so glad the problem has been resolved. You should be getting a call from the Galewitz family. We have told them how great you are and hope they will contact you soon. Thanks again.
- Jennifer M.


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